6 Powerful Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic

I assume you have a blog with tons of published blog posts, but you’re having a hard time in increasing the blog traffic. 

I’ll give an insight into some powerful strategies to increase blog traffic for free in this blog post.

You spend meticulous hours crafting a blog post; once you hit Publish, it doesn’t increase blog traffic, and all the effort goes in vain. 

The struggle is real!

Where’s your audience? Why don’t folks find your blog on the first page of SERPs? Don’t worry! I’ll help you learn how to increase blog traffic.

A running blog requires everything from writing and posting daily to catching the audience and content marketing strategies to get maximum views and increase traffic.

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Without further ado! Let’s dig deeper to unearth the 6 excellent strategies:

1. Editorial Calendar

Many bloggers blog when they feel like blogging, that’s a big mistake. Remember you’ve just started blogging and your audience needs more and more content.

Create an Editorial Calendar

Create an editorial calendar and stick to it. You can personalize it according to your working style; Include writing Monday to Friday, titles, keywords, publishing dates and anything you want not to forget.

Editorail Calender


Once you’ve created your editorial calendar; constancy is the Key! Stay loyal to your calendar; try hard not to miss dates.

Search Engine monitors your blog

The real benefit of posting according to schedule, search engines will index your blog regularly. Your posting schedule assures Google of your continuous presence, and Google may know that your blog is up to date, which increases your chances of getting ranked on the SERP’s first pages and increase blog traffic.

2. Great Content

Quality posting

The quality of the content assures loyal viewers. Folks will come back for more compelling content. You don’t need any degree to excel in your niche. All you need is passion, researching skills, and exciting and valuable information. As long as you can provide an effective solution to the readers, the sky’s the limit!

Understand your audience

Keep in mind whom you’re concerned. What offers your audience value? How can you provide a perfect answer to their query?

Pro tip:

  • Use google related search to know what people are searching for.
  • Search your main Keyword on Quora or Reddit for a better understanding of your audience.
  • While reading a blog post, keep checking comments, as they include a real query of your audience.

This helps you create an exceptional blog post that catches organic traffic.

Content length

Believe me! Longer posts get a better ranking than short posts. Why? Because it’s more insightful, it leaves no space for confusion, allows the reader to find everything in a single post, and for bloggers, it helps them target multiple keywords.

Remember: Don’t make it monotonous; make your content scannable, break your content into different readable sections, and use lists, headings, and subheadings so that the reader can quickly skim through and find their concerned information.


Blog posts with visual assets are more likely to get attention than blog posts with no graphics. As per research, articles with visual assets get 94% more views. You can use free images from such platforms as pixabay and Unsplash.


Many established bloggers use self-made videos to build authority and get traffic. Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo allow you to create and upload your own video. These platforms provide a code to place these videos on your blog along with their bandwidth and video speed strength. It also drives the human traffic straight to your blog.

Evergreen Topics

Evergreen topics serve best and are long-lasting for your blog’s success. Try to write most of the blog posts on evergreen topics, so you may require fewer chances to update them. You can choose trendy topics for a particular period, but they don’t serve longer, so evergreen topics are the main meal. Try out Google trends to check the topic’s popularity.

Guest blog Posting

Guest posting is vital to increase blog traffic and provide quality backlinks. Build links with other well-known bloggers in your niche by encouraging them to guest post. Similarly, offer the guest post with the backlink to the blog of experts in your field.

3. Social Media Strategy

Social media is a powerful strategy to pull off success for your blog. You must build an effective social media strategy and learn to use it on time; you’ll be the winner.

An Attention-Grabbing title/headlines

Don’t forget to share your post on all your social media platforms. When you share the post, it displays the title and the meta description. Ensure your title hooks the audience and compels them to click on the link.

Involve your people

It’d be best if you find your people; there are many groups and communities in your field that you can join. Once you join them, share your content there, and interested people will follow you and your work.

Social sharing button

Must include a social sharing button to your blog post and main page to let people share your posts in their circuit.

Keep sharing your old content.

You can keep updating your blog posts and sharing them on social platforms so that people will find them in their new searches and reread them; this is how your old content does not get old.

4. Engage the audience

Interaction via comment

Encourage your readers to keep commenting on your post. Tell them you’d love to listen and help them out! So, the readers assure your presence and love coming back.

Don’t forget to read 5 ways to get more comments on your new blog.

Entertain Giveaways

People always get thrilled by giveaways, especially when you set conditions for winning as like, comment, share etc.

Creating mailing list

Creating a mailing list is a main ingredient in assuring loyal readers. People who read your content love the pop up of your every new content. Ask you audience for the email subscription so that they won’t miss any of your blog, which ultimately results in more traffic.

5. SEO Optimization

Target Keywords

People search keywords in the Google search, and if your content manages to appear on the keyword, you’ll get traffic. 

Bear in mind keywords help you only when used naturally; stuffing may end your blog getting no traffic at all. 

You need to use Keyword multiple times throughout the blog post. Other use:

  • Include main keyword in your headline
  • Include three main keywords into your meta tag
  • Include keywords in your image alt tags.

Don’t forget to use these Keyword research tips.

You can use an amazing Keyword research tool Ubersuggest.


You are required to link with established, well-known, relevant, authority sites to tickles the google and other search engine about your trustworthiness.

Internal Linking

Hyperlinks that go from one page of your blog to the different page on your own blog. You cross links your articles to notify google about your related post and to help the reader find more detail of the topic.

6. Advertisement

Spend Money

Advertising online can be costly, but serious bloggers do this because it’s worth having. You can consider online advertisements; it helps you increase blog traffic faster.

Final Words

These are the nuts and bolts of strategies to help you get more traffic to your blog. Each of these strategies can be covered in more detail, you can do more research on it and apply them to your daily blogging. 

Comment below if you need any help. I’d love to assist you!

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