5 Ways to Get More Comments on Your New Blog

get more comments on your new blog

How nice is it to get more comments on your new blog and build a relationship with your audience? Is it that easy?

Getting more comments on your new blog is a challenging phase. No Worries! In this post, I’ll show you why & how to get more comments on your new blog.

If you are a beginner, this is a super easy guide that helps you get more comments on your new blog. 

If you have any difficulty setting up a blog, don’t forget to read how to start a blog.

Let’s dive in!

Why do you need more comments on your new blog?

When you blog, you open a place for discussions. On blogs, different folks discuss the specific topic; as long as you have the knowledge and an appetite for learning, you’re up for discussion; that is why comments on the blog are essential for the blog’s growth. 

Plus, you can have valuable feedback from the comments on your blog, people notify you of what you can also add in your blog post and which topic you should also cover, and it also makes you help people on a personal level! 

Sounds great! Right?

The comment shows how engaging your blog is. Comments on your new blog are the crux of your blog after traffic. Having comments on your blog encourage upcoming readers to get involved as it builds trustworthiness.

Comments on your blog help flourish a meaningful relationship between You and the reader. 

One benefit of having more comments on your blog is that it encourages advertisers and guest bloggers to connect to your blog, as they always look for an active community.

You’d also love six powerful strategies Increase blog traffic.

Pro Tips:

  • Write a persuasive blog post that encourages readers to comment.
  • Make it easy to comment on your blog (diminish elements that create hurdles)

Now, I’ll show some powerful ways to get more comments on the blog post that you publish.

5 Ways to Get More Comments on New Blog

1. Create Killer Blog Post

A new blog must need great content that engages readers till the end. Blog posts are your blog’s main meat and must be outstanding.

The only way to let someone show their thoughts and ideas about the blogging market is by forcing them. Lol! 

The perfect way to do this is without telling, by creating killer content and a quick call to action that doesn’t allow them to leave your space without expressing your thoughts.

In short, A persuasive blog post compels readers to write their hearts out!

Read your content and ask yourself whether you’d like to comment or not. If it stops you, ask yourself what’s lacking in it and what you should change.

2. Get involved with your Blogosphere

To get more comments on your blog, you need to build strong relationships with your fellow bloggers.

The best way is to share your content with them so that they easily share their thoughts about your content and how appealing your content is.

Additionally, when you find your community and build strong connections, you’ll not only get comments, but they’d also love to share it, which brings traffic too.

Below are a few tips for new blog owners to build meaningful relationships within their blogosphere.

  • Keep following them on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and whatnot.
  • Don’t forget to link back to their blog posts.
  • Make comments on their work and share it.

3. Comment on Others Blog Strategy

Commenting on other blogs is the best way to increase your blog comments and visibility!

When you comment on others’ blogs, the comment moderator will definitely check  your blog and comments too in response of favor.

Start commenting on others’ blogs immediately, and you’ll see the result.

Remember you need to make meaningful comments. When any reader finds your comment interesting on others’ blogs, they might click on the link inside your comment and will comment on your blog too. 

Pro tip: Don’t comment on the blog outside your niche as it makes no sense to comment on a pet blog when you’re an expert in blogging.

4. Leave a Question at the End of Your Blog Post

The call to action is your new friend. Asking for the call to action for the comment on your new blog, subscribing to an email newsletter, and your blog’s feed is a must to do thing for a new blog.

Readers will eventually leave your blog when they reach the end of your blog post, especially when they are not asked to do anything. 

Hang in there!

They follow too! If you ask them to act, such as commenting and sharing.

Don’t ask it in a boring manner; use these tips to thrill your audience:

  • Did I miss something important?
  • Do you find this guide helpful? And why?
  • Ask them to subscribe to my mailing list to avoid missing any amazing content.
  • Please keep sharing your thoughts about my article. I’d love to listen.

Leaving an unanswered question at the end of your blog is the best way to get Comments on your new blog.

It encourages readers to put in their opinion, yes! the opinion. Bear in mind that it should be an open-ended question, not the one that can be answered with yes and no. Your purpose is to start a discussion that makes your blog active.

5. Respond to comments on Your Blog

You need to take this seriously; getting comments is not enough! 

The best thing to grow your blogging is that you should respond to your blog’s comments to encourage readers.

Keep the conversation going by asking questions, which also helps you know your audience. Furthermore, when new visitors see that you help your reader by replying to them, they’d also comment, which results in more comments.

Final Thoughts

Comments are the way to make your blog visible and increase trustworthiness. One thing to keep in mind, always leave some space for discussion and don’t cover everything in your blog post. 

I think this article helps a lot.

Please make a comment to give us your valuable feedback…

Or any strategy you love to get more comments on your new blog. 

I’d love to hear!

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